PVC Door

An excellent selection of standard door... Simple and durable.

PVC 25mm Box Door

PVC 35mm Box Door

The styles, excellent performance and high quality of the products can fully satisfy your needs. These doors are suitable for
bathroom, kitchen and office.

PVC Decorative Door 38MM

PVC Decorative Door 28mm

The  folding design made it flexible, imaginative, space saving for a small room or space. Folding doors are suitable for 
bathroom, meeting room, children playing room, changing room and storeroom.

PVC Slimline Folding Door

PVC Folding Door Rigid

Once folded back PVC Bi-Fold doors, they create a large opening with a low threshold for easy access. An excellent selection 
for bathroom, changing room, laundry room and storeroom.

PVC Bi-Fold Door

Attractive and elegant PVC Laminated Door is our latest innovation and pride to our range of PVC Doors. The door is very versatile with beauty and elegant, make possible by our inclusion of our latest modern, advanced and sophisticated machines, equipments and technology and supported by a pool of experience and skillful personal and without compromise to quality as we only utilize premium raw materials.

PVC Laminated Door


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